Michael Evan Jurist
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A Selection of Tributes to Michael

Michael achieved more in his 22 short years of life and touched more hearts and lives than most people do over a span of multi-decades. Hence, his memorial boulder at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto speaks volumes about his presence and the affect he had on those he met along the way – “Life is not measured in years… But by lives touched”

The following is a sampling of the hundreds of tributes and remembrances to Michael. Each one, plus all the ones we could not include, are very much treasured.

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  • Places where you can, in your travels, visit and remember Michael.

» In Memory of Michael, Toronto

  • Michael Jurist Memorial Service: Celebrating his Life

» In Memory of Michael, Georgetown

  • “In Memory of Michael Jurist”, Georgetown University Homecoming: Lecture Fund and Club Tennis Service
  • Memorial Service for Michael Jurist, SFS’07, Georgetown University
  • Georgetown University Club Tennis
  • Tributes in The Hoya
  • Tribute Plaque by Georgetown's Center for Student Programs

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Tributes to Michael

Tributes to Michael

Tributes to Michael

Tributes to Michael