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In Memory of Michael, Georgetown

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“In Memory of Michael Jurist”, Georgetown University Homecoming: Lecture Fund and Club Tennis Service
Sunday, September 30, 2007, Copley Formal Lounge

“… Mike and I met in Fall of our Freshman Year as new members of the Lecture Fund. There weren’t many of us from Class of ’07… He was widely liked and respected for his intellect, professionalism and ability to stand up on stage with some of the most important figures in public life… Mike had humility, was genuine, no ego… But most there’s memories of Mike not as Chair of Lecture Fund but as my friend, who would always be the first to ask how your test was, your job interview, who could talk for hours about places he wanted to travel and books he had read and ideas he found interesting, who would always be down for getting a drink at The Tombs…. Still as hard as this loss is, this is a time to celebrate Mike’s life – to be inspired by someone who, by the age of 22, had already accomplished so much, impacted so many people’s lives, essentially personified the every “golden boy” cliché you could imagine – and still had the good nature, the humility, the sharp sense of humor that made him someone whose friendship we all cherished… We all miss you terribly….”

- Mel Mason, friend and Vice Chair, Internal,
Lecture Fund Georgetown University

“…I’m on my way back from Homecoming and thought I’d share some of the stories…

Michael’s service was lovely… very tasteful, low key and very private with mainly the people from Lecture Fund and Club Tennis…interestingly enough, although completely different, people in both organizations remembered the same qualities in Michael. There were stories of his leadership, his confidence, his generosity and humility. Dean Krogh was particularly touching in his remarks as he talked about how he met Michael, their tennis matches, and simply the pleasure of his company. He remembered Michael’s ability to live the moment but think ahead, his maturity and poise. He was very poetic and articulate in expressing that Michael is now in the presence of other great men like him.

Ryan Goldstein mentioned a moment over Spring Break in Utah when Michael challenged them to go to the very top of the mountain and was ready to pursue new challenges even when they ended up deep in snow. (apparently it took them half an hour to “recover” Michael from the snow… ha ha ☺)

Throughout people were extremely touched and emotions overwhelmed the room.” All of Michael’s friends sent you their best and are ready to help in any way possible. It was obvious from the weekend just how many people share Michael’s loss very genuinely….”

- Love, Carolina (Brochado) Michael’s girlfriend.

Memorial Service for Michael Jurist, SFS’07, Georgetown University
Riggs Library, Sunday October 21, 2007

“ There are great joys and great rewards in teaching. But there are great sorrows. I remember Michael as a sophomore enrolled in my Colloquium for Upper Classmen on Explorers, Warriors and Statesmen. He was punching above his weight. He came out on top.

I remember Michael as the presenter in class on the life of Harry Truman. Michael got Truman just right. Perhaps because Michael himself was a Harry Truman clone.

I remember Michael as the only Georgetown student to study abroad in France who actually lost weight…Formidable! … before France, I could occasionally get a tennis game off Michael … when he returned from France leaner and fleeter of foot, I had to struggle not for a game, but for points. I remember Michael as the student who you could not only dress up but take out… luncheon with Attorney General John Ashcroft… circle of my closest adult friends… because of the pleasure of Michael’s company. Now someone else has the pleasure of that company…

It is said that sometimes the Gods take first those they call “Promise”. Well they’ve done it this time. They’ve got Michael now. Please make him at home and please also save some places for us, his friends, who are eager to see him again.”

- Dean Emeritus Peter F. Krogh,
Distinguished Professor School of Foreign Service

Georgetown University Club Tennis

Georgetown Club TennisOne of the first-ever members of Georgetown University Club Tennis, Michael was an integral member and known to teammates as “The Gavel”. Ryan Goldstein, a teammate and Club Tennis President in 2008 and 2009 recalls the nickname evolved while watching Michael play against Villanova at Virginia Beach in 2006. “We called him “the Gavel” because of the way he put away volleys, end a point and lay down the law”.

Michael participated in many matches and tournaments, throughout his Freshman to Senior Years, including the Nationals in Cary, NC, in 2007. He breathed and loved tennis.

Club TennisFor the more involved members, Michael’s tragic death brought the Team even closer and a few months after going through losing Mike, the GU Club Tennis Team had a specially-designed “MEJ” notation added to the Club’s shirt sleeves. Goldstein explained that “it’s nice when other teams ask about the initials, because we get to tell them about Mike’s impression on us.” They proudly honored Michael’s memory in the Fall of 2007 by wearing the shirts at a tournament in NYC at the National Tennis Centre (site of the US Open) as well as at the University of Maryland Invitational – a very moving way of having Michael present with the team that Fall and future tournaments going forward.

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Tribute Plaque by Georgetown's Center for Student Programs

Georgetown Center for Student Programs plaqueIn Spring 2012, Georgetown’s Center for Student Programs undertook to establish a plaque that describes Michael, his aspirations and achievements and the rationale behind the 2007-established Michael Jurist Club Sports Award set up in his memory in 2007.

The plaque reads:

In recognition of a model student, outstanding leader and dedicated teammate who left his mark on the hearts of all who knew him. Michael (SFS '07) is remembered as an active member of the Georgetown community with a promising future ahead of him. Michael's sudden death less than three months after graduation had a tremendous impact on the many lives he touched.

One of the first-ever members of the Georgetown University Club Tennis, Michael's knack for the dramatic shot, impressive passes and incredible half and reflex volleys earned him the nickname "The Gavel" by his teammates.

The Micheal Evan Jurist Club Sports award is given each year to a student member of a club sports team who exemplifies the persistence, dedication and sportsmanship in the spirit in which Michael served his team.

Michael Evan Jurist Club Sports Award