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Carolina Brochado wrote a beautiful piece on Michael in the Georgetown University Graduation Yearbook.

Graduation Yearbook

Sam Roberts Artist: Sam Roberts
Album: Chemical City
Song: A Stone Would Cry Out

I know there’s a lesson in here/
But it’s so hard to find/
I’ve been searching my mind/
A little pearl of wisdom for later years/
When the thread of this life starts to unwind…

And you move like a rolling wave/
One that don’t fade when it’s gone/
Beyond a doubt it gets so hard that a stone would cry out….”

- Rose Calabro, friend from
Georgetown University ‘07

“Throughout the Storm”

I think of him when it rains.
I talk about him when I see lightning.
I feel his approach in the thunder.
And when I finally muster the courage to do something I love,
I give him tribute, and send him my love.
I cry when I see his name.
And I try not to let anyone see.
I allowed myself one day of crying, a weekend of mourning,
One short and selflessly-driven trip to his hometown.
Perhaps one the only truly spontaneous things I have done.

He brought peace wherever he went.
He had a supreme gift of Silly.
He could argue his way into and out of your logic.
He could sit with you in silence and have a whole conversation.
He touched the hearts of strangers.

I still can’t believe he’s gone.
I still think that I will see him again.
And yet I know that I won’t.
Not until the end.
My sweet friend, I remember you.

- Lourdes Fernandez, friend from
Georgetown University ‘07