Michael Evan Jurist
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Michael Evan JuristWelcome to Michael's website

Michael’s site is long overdue and will never do him justice regardless of the tremendous love and effort we’ve expended. To quote a good friend of ours, who also lost a son, "there is no word in the dictionary to describe someone who has lost a child. There is a widow/widower for someone who has lost a spouse; a child who has lost his/her parents is an orphan. To lose a child is the unimaginable".

“Death leaves a heartache, no one can heal…
Love leaves a memory, no one can steal …”

Michael was our pride and joy and gave us 22 beautiful years – the best 22 years of our lives. He was our only child. He was accomplished, smart, athletic, very secure and inclusive. Always kind. Never arrogant. Not perfect, but truly a one-of-a-kind, exceptional young man who was taken from us suddenly, cruelly and out-of-the blue by a freak storm lightning bolt on a sunny beach, walking with his mother, celebrating his recent graduation from Georgetown University. Michael was on the cusp of adulthood – looking forward to his new apartment in New York, a challenging career and assignment in London, and an ongoing wonderful relationship with his girlfriend, Carolina Brochado. All was perfect with the world.

He is sorely missed by us and his expansive groups of friends worldwide.

We invite you to celebrate Michael’s all too short life via this website.

We invite you to remember him, to enjoy and reflect on his good times through his writings, tributes, photos, favorites and the many programs established in his memory.

We also ask you to share your thoughts, your experiences, photos, memories with us. And, we thank you for visiting and keeping Michael’s memory alive.

Vesna and Paul Jurist