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Programs Established in Michael's Memory
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The Michael Jurist Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad

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Michael studied at Science Po in Lyon the Spring Semester of 2006 taking full advantage of the opportunity to increase his proficiency in French, experience a different culture, make new friends and travel throughout Europe as well as South Africa.

In keeping with his keen interest of International Affairs, languages and other cultures, The Michael Jurist Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad was introduced at Georgetown in the Fall of 2011.

Offered annually, the scholarship is awarded to the qualified student(s) accepted to study at Sciences Po Lyon during the spring term. If in a given year, there are no eligible students participating in the Sciences Po Lyon Program, the award shall be expanded to include other Office of International Programs (OIP) overseas studies programs in France. Both academic merit and financial need are taken into consideration by the selection committee. This scholarship is designed to help fund students who due to financial need may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in Georgetown’s Study Abroad Program and is intended to permit those students to maximize their cultural experience in France.

Scholarship Recipients 2012
Scholarship Recipients 2013
Scholarship Recipient 2014
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Messages from Faculty

Messages from Scholarship Recipients 2012

We have received word from two scholarship recipients currently abroad and enjoying their studies. Please read about their experiences below:

One of the scholarship recipients is studying Human Science in the School of Nursing and Health Studies, pursuing a career in health care. She wanted to study abroad in Strasbourg, France to better understand and appreciate the French culture, improve her language skills and also pursue her interest in theology. She believes the scholarship funding will help her develop a greater understanding of international life and herself.

Excerpt from a recent postcard: “This experience has already helped me learn so much about the world and myself. I look forward to the rest of my time here to explore ... thank you for helping make this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity happen.”
Study Abroad Scholarship


Another recipient is in the School of Foreign Studies, majoring in Science, Technology and International Affairs with a concentration in Environment & Energy. She wanted to study at Lyon’s Institut d’Etudes Politiques to bolster her understanding of global affairs as well as challenge herself to become part of the fabric of daily life in an international city. One of her biggest goals is to fully immerse herself in the language and culture of France while also experiencing other cultures through travel.

To quote: “This scholarship allows me to fuse both elements of my desire to study abroad: to experience the world on a larger scale and to become fluent in the richness of the French culture and language.

Study Abroad Scholarship

Messages from Scholarship Recipients 2013

In the Spring of 2013, two new Lyon Scholarship recipients embarked on their personal discovery of France and studies. Both did Michael's Lyon Scholarship proud!

One, a Government major and French minor at Georgetown, combined her academic interests -- Political Science and an affinity for the French language and culture -- at Sciences Po. She wanted to learn about French government relations, representation in government and history to enhance her knowledge of France and its cultures, as well as the US as a point of comparison. Lyon provided her the opportunity to perfect her French as well as experiences inside and outside the classroom to further grow as a person and citizen of the world.

Excerpt from a recent postcard: “ I have fallen in love with the city ... from delicious meals to explorations through all the neighborhoods... my French has improved tremendously, I have made friends from all over the world. It has truly changed my life .. a million thanks!

Study Abroad Scholarship


The second recipient was interested in growing her knowledge of the French language and getting to know the French method of thinking, writing and cultural celebration. She felt that such opportunity would contribute greatly to how she would view her study of government at Georgetown and her shaping of goals in applying her studies and experience beyond graduation. She wanted to engage fully in Lyon’s unique opportunities and benefit from new experiences. Her time abroad, she believes, allowed her to grow as a student and member of a new community.

Excerpt from a recent postcard: " I really love love it here - the history is fascinating, the people are friendly, and I’m enjoying making Lyon feel more like home. I feel so fortunate to be able to experience the culture and history of Lyon. I am truly thankful...

The postcard was “... found at studio of an artist who paints scenes of Lyon... Church is Fourviere in oldest part of town.

Study Abroad Scholarship

Message from 2014 Scholarship Recipient

This year’s recipient has had an admiration for French culture and language since he began studying French seven years ago. Currently the president of Georgetown’s French Cultural Association, the opportunity to study in Lyon allowed him to further expand on his Georgetown French living-learning community and passion for “all things French”. During his semester he fully experienced museums, Lyon/French heritage and travel, all of which contributed to his understanding of a nation’s traditions and values.

Excerpt from a recent postcard: “Everyday I learn something new in French and about the French culture and realize how fortunate I am to be here. This is a life-changing experience for which I am truly grateful!”

Study Abroad Scholarship

Message from 2015 Scholarship Recipient

The 2015 recipient of Michael’s Study Abroad Scholarship was a Junior from Conshohocken, PA, majoring in Culture and Politics, School of Foreign Service. Interested in developing an “insider” perspective of social movements, human rights and general French “joie de vivre” she found her Lyon experience to be very enlightening. “As interesting as the classroom has been, engaging with the city of Lyon and the people here has been even more rewarding. And, it’s been very enriching to speak with my host family about French secularism, freedom of expression, perspectives and approaches. Like Michael, I have an insatiable sense of curiosity about places I visit, I enjoy embracing cultural opportunities and look forward to sharing my experiences with other Hoyas”.

Excerpt from a postcard from Lyon: “I wanted to share one of my favorite view of Lyon ... the Fourviere Cathedral overlooking the Saone River.... it’s visible from almost everywhere in the City ... I’m loving my time here and am so grateful to you for making it possible.”

Excerpt from a postcard from Morocco: “During February break I decided to change things up by going to Morocco... love the classic European art and architecture ... refreshing to discover my new found love of Islamic architecture (the tile is incredible!) ... and experience new sounds and tastes...”

Study Abroad Scholarship

Study Abroad Scholarship

Message from 2016 Scholarship Recipient

This year’s scholarship recipient was a Junior from Manhattan Beach, CA, majoring in International Political Economy. She chose the Sciences Po Lyon program for a full academic year because it provided her the opportunity to study Sub-Saharan African studies and pursue her personal professional goal of a career in development agencies and as a Foreign Service Officer. Her extended stay, necessitated by the duration of her research program, was subsidized by Michael’s scholarship during her Spring term. Beyond her academic achievements, her Lyon experience strengthened her language skills, allowed her to grow strong relationships with other students and partake in new cultural and life experiences in Lyon, other regions of France and beyond.

Excerpt from postcard from Au Pays du Mont-Blanc: “In March, Georgetown organized a ski trip for us in Megeve. I had never skied before and had the most wonderful time learning a new sport and taking in the beauty of a new part of the Rhone-Alpes. France has shown me so much diversity this year, and Lyon really feels like a second home. I am deeply grateful for your generosity which has allowed me to take full advantage of this place.

Study Abroad Scholarship


Message from 2017 Scholarship Recipient

This year’s recipient was a Junior from St. Louis, MO studying Culture and Politics, School of Foreign Service. He chose to study at Sciences Po Lyon to improve his understanding of the French language while engaging in a year of rigorous studies of the modern East Asian world.

Michael’s Scholarship afforded him the opportunity to gain a level of depth and perspective in International Affairs and global history as well as exposure to Lyon and its proximity to Southern and Central Europe.

A departure from past recipients, unfortunately, we were unable to obtain any personal commentary on his year-long experience.

Study Abroad Scholarship


Messages from 2018 Scholarship Recipients

Spring 2018 welcomed two Lyon Scholarship recipients with the opportunity to expand their horizons at Sciences Po, Lyon, France.

One, a Government major believed studying in Lyon would address her increasing interest in pursuing a career in Foreign Service. Her Scholarship afforded her the opportunity to explore Lyon’s own culture and history and to become French fluent. As well, Lyon’s accessibility to other countries allowed her to experience different cities and landscapes and interact with international faculty and students. “My time in Lyon was more fulfilling and impactful than I could have ever imagined, I’ve grown so much as a person … and thank you for he opportunity to connect with amazing people.

The second recipient is studying International Political Economy. Her education always driven by her experiences as an African immigrant, she was drawn to Sciences Po for its comprehensive African Studies, Economic and Political Science reputation. Her goal: to further her understanding of France’s integral role in terms of language and political economy of many West African nations. Scholarship funds afforded her the chance to immerse herself in French culture and history, improve her French language proficiency, and explore France’s history and relationship with Francophone Africa. “This scholarship helped me return to Georgetown with increased understanding of world affairs and new knowledge to help me with my studies back on the Hilltop”.

Study Abroad Scholarship

Study Abroad Scholarship

Messages from Faculty

Several faculty members of Georgetown University’s French Department, one of the largest and diverse in the United States, have written expressing their appreciation. Please see their messages below:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jurist,

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the scholarship award you have endowed in memory of your son, Michael. My colleagues and I - especially those professors who had the pleasure of knowing your son - were touched upon hearing the news of this award.... Study abroad is an integral part of our mission and our curriculum here at Georgetown. Time spent abroad has a deep impact on students’ personal and intellectual growth. The award you have created will ensure that qualified students will have increased access to this wonderful opportunity.

Andrew Sobanet
Associate Professor

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jurist,

I am writing this note with a most profound appreciation for your decision to honor your son by establishing the Michael Evan Jurist Memorial Overseas Scholarship for students going to Lyon. I supported Michael’s decision to go to Lyon, and I can tell you that the opportunity to study abroad in France is a transformational one. This scholarship is going to help many students experience what Michael did - falling in love with France, opening their minds to new ideas, and bringing that new perspective back to Georgetown to enrich us all.

I was inspired by your generous gesture to visit the website you set up in Michael’s memory... it was wonderful to be reminded of his energy and spirit and recall all the things he and I shared - both being Canadian (I am still the only professor at GU teaching entire courses on Canada!) and even the fact he went to UCC, as my grandfather did. But mostly, seeing his pictures reminded me of the light of intelligence and curiosity I always saw in his eyes... I promise you that these are the things I will share with all those fortunate to benefit from the scholarship that carries his name. Know that Michael remains in the hearts of all who knew him, and know how special he was.

Milena Santoro
Associate Professor

Dear Jurist Family,

I am writing with deep appreciation for the beautiful gesture you have made by creating a scholarship fund in Michael’s name. As an alumna of Georgetown who studied in Lyon, I can honestly say it was the most meaningful experience in my college years, and it forever changed who I am today -- much for the better!

Words will never express our sadness for your loss, nor the gratitude our students will feel for the opportunity that you have chosen to offer them in honor of Michael. His passion for French and his spirit of openness will accompany those students abroad... Michael will always have a place at Georgetown.

Alisa Belanger

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